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  • Opening a brokerage account online
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Access to international markets
New York - London - Luxembourg - Moscow - Nur - Sultan
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Top up your account using Jusan Bank card
Buying any instruments
Stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, GDRs, notes and repo
Low rates without hidden fees
Invest freely with no minimum threshold
Learn to invest
Learn to invest with Jusan Invest JSC
Shares and mutual funds can rise in value. Sell ​​securities while their value rises and make profit.
Dividend stocks will help ensure a steady stream of profits through periodic payments to investors.
Invest in different asset classes, sectors and economies to minimize risk and increase profitability.
Minimum hassle with tariffs
0tg per month
only for deals
No minimum
  • Transactions with units of mutual funds - free
  • Commissions from 0,03% for deals on KASE.
  • Commissions from 0,1% for transactions in international markets.
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