Jusan Invest JSC working hours during the Covid-19 pandemic
1. Nominee services
Opening, maintaining, closing a personal account Free of Charge
Accounting for client securities
Crediting securities
Account statement
Encumbrance, write-off of securities
2. Broker services
Transactions with shares Jusan Invest's mutual funds Free of Charge
when placing a paper order when placing an online order
Local market transactions 0,05% 0,03%
International transactions 0,15% 0,1%
REPO transactions 0.5% (of the amount of income, min of 500 tenge)
Converting ADR / GDR 10 tenge per GDR (min of 5,000 tenge)
3. Information services
Consulting and analytical services by agreement

International market:
Purchase of APPLE (AAPL) shares via the app
You have decided to buy shares of Apple Inc. for $1,000 on the US stock exchange by submitting an order through the mobile application.
Broker commission will only be $1.
Local market:
Sale of shares of KazTransOil (KZTO) on KASE
You have decided to sell shares of KazTransOil from your portfolio on KASE for 700,000 tenge.
The broker's commission will only be 210 tenge.