Mutual Funds
The best way to preserve and grow your wealth
Jusan Invest's Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds is a convenient option for passive investment.
How does it work?
Learn more about Mutual Funds and why it would be a valuable asset to add to your portfolio.
What makes Mutual funds a better investment option?
Mutual Funds managed by Jusan Invest will preserve and grow your wealth.
Government protection.
Under the regulation of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Regulation and Development of the Financial Market.
Return in dollars.
Secure assets in developed countries.
Easy to use.
No expertise in the investment field is required from you.
Simple procedure.
An individual account can be opened through the Jusan App.
Wide range of Mutual Funds.
Mutual Funds with local and/or foreign assets.
No hidden commissions.
Historical returns include all the expenses of the fund.
How do Mutual Funds Work?
Buy shares of Mutual Funds through your brokerage account.
You can open brokerage account on our website or in Jusan App.
Your investments increase in value.
Jusan Invest’s goal is to increase value of shares of Mutual Funds.
Earn on the difference between purchase price and sale price.
After selling the shares of Mutual Funds, your income will be the difference between sell price and buy price.