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doSTAR Mutual Funds
For those who want to invest in something familiar, understandable and reliable.
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Is your choice – trust?
You understand how those companies operate and what return to expect from them. Among the fund's assets are instruments of such companies as Sberbank, GazProm, KazAtomProm and many other backbone companies of our region, which have proven their reliability and profitability over time. In this fund, we expect the highest growth in line with its level of risk.
Who manages the fund?
The fund is professionally managed by an experienced team of Jusan Invest JSC
billion KZT
assets under management
As of 01.01.2021
billion KZT
brokerage service
As of 01.01.2021
We were in
the Top 2
underwriters on the KASE in 2019
trillion KZT
client transactions turnover
for 2020
Fund parameters
Asset allocation
What makes up your income?
By investing in doSTAR mutual fund, you become the owner of a security called "investment share". The share price changes daily in response to market fluctuations.
How much can you earn?
Profit calculator
₸ 100
You will save up
For the period
3 years
Annualized return YTD 6 months 1 year Since launch date
«doSTAR» MF 20,62% 23,06% 19,50% 14,18%
Data as of 30.06.2020
Fund strategy
The fund was launched to provide investors with access to equity and debt instruments of the Kazakhstan and CIS markets, denominated in both local and hard currencies. At a time of uncertainty, the fund places funds in debt securities of reliable issuers of the local market and financial instruments of the government and semi-government sectors. By investing in "doSTAR" mutual fund, investors accept the fact of an increased level of risk in the equity market, while at the same time they can count on a higher return in the long term.
Fund parameters
Asset class Debt and equity instruments of Kazakhstan and CIS region issuers.
Share redemption Quarterly
Fund assets ₸ 959 976 077,14
Fund currency Тенге
Current share price ₸ 14 141,2301
Weighted average coupon rate 3,22%
Weighted average time to maturity 21 months
Expense ratio * 0,23%
Data as of 21.11.2021
* Management and custody fees.
Asset allocation
Sector Share(%)
REPO 43,40%
Finance 14,2%
Energy 9,9%
Industry 6,2%
Telecommunications 10,5%
Money 4,6%
Consumer goods 2,3%
ETF 5,0%
Base Materials 3,9%
IT 3,3%
Data as of 30.06.2020
Country Share(%)
Russia 23,0%
Kazakhstan 56,8%
Korea 5,8%
Indonesia 2,5%
Luxembourg 2,3%
ETF 5,0%
Money 4,6%
Data as of 30.06.2020
How Mutual Funds work
Buy shares of Mutual Funds through your brokerage account.
You can open a brokerage account on our website or in Jusan App.
Your investments increase in value.
Jusan Invest’s goal is to increase the value of shares of Mutual Funds.
Earn on the difference between purchase price and sale price.
After selling the shares of Mutual Funds, your income will be the difference between sell and buy price.