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Our Mission
We strive to improve the financial literacy of the population by providing an affordable tool.
We will tell you how you can improve your financial situation and achieve the much desired financial independence by following a few simple steps!
The program consists of a series of short lessons where you will gain basic knowledge of the stock market fundamentals and investment methods. For your convenience, the materials are prepared in the form of videos and text presentations.
Upon completion, certificates of successful completion of the course will be issued. The course is completely free, you just need to be a client of Jusan Invest.
How to complete the training?
Download the Jusan mobile app. In the "Investments" section open a brokerage account using biometrics.
After opening a brokerage account , submit an application on the "Jusan Academy" page in the "Investments" section.
The details for accessing the  personal account in the training platform will be sent to the email address provided during the opening of the brokerage account.